Vendor Policy

1. Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances may arise that lead to reconsideration of your plans. However, please be advised that we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. This policy ensures consistency and fairness for all our customers.


2. Event Cancellations & Rescheduling

In the event of an event cancellation or rescheduling, your payment will be credited towards participation in a different scheduled event.


3. Vendor Cancellations and No Shows

Vendor cancellations or no shows will result in the forfeiture of your deposit/payment. We understand unforeseen circumstances may arise, but due to the extensive planning involved in our events, this policy is in place.


4. Changes in Market Dates

If the Organizer needs to change the date of the Market and Vendor cannot participate on the new date, Vendor's participation fee will be credited towards a future Market date. Refunds will not be provided.


5. Code of Conduct

We expect all attendees, vendors, and exhibitors to maintain a high standard of conduct. This includes respecting others, the venue, and exhibiting professional behavior throughout the event.


6. Photography and Record

Please be aware that event staff may record vendors for marketing and promotional purposes. Your attendance constitutes acceptance and release of your image for such purposes, except where prohibited by law.


7. Force Majeure

In unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters impacting event scheduling, refunds will not be provided. However, payments will be credited toward a future event.


8. Vendor and Exhibitor Policy

Vendors and exhibitors are expected to arrive on time, actively participate, and adhere to professional and respectful behavior throughout the event. Early breakdowns are not allowed.


9. Accessibility Policy

We are committed to inclusivity and ensuring our events are accessible to individuals with disabilities. We strive to provide accommodations and support to make our events as accessible as possible. Please contact us in advance for specific accommodations or refer to our Accessibility Statement for more information.


Foot Traffic and Sales Disclaimer

The Makers Hive Market and its affiliates do not guarantee any specific levels of foot traffic, engagement, transactions, or sales to any vendors or participants attending our events. While we strive to create vibrant and successful gatherings, the nature of attendance and purchasing behavior is subject to various external factors beyond our control.

Our role is to facilitate an environment conducive to networking, engagement, and commerce. However, we cannot guarantee the volume of attendees or attendees’ purchasing decisions. Factors such as weather, market conditions, or any number of circumstances may influence attendance and sales.

We encourage vendors and participants to consider these uncertainties while participating in our events. We are committed to supporting all attendees by providing a platform for interaction, promotion, and exposure within our events' scope and capacity.

By participating in our events, vendors and participants acknowledge and accept this disclaimer regarding foot traffic, engagements, transactions, and sales.